Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Poppycock Press

According to daily arse rag newspapers the M(F)ail and Star, the BBC have been blasted for wearing their poppies too early. BBC, you're a disgrace! Here's the story headline at the Daily Mail.

According to the article, Sue Cornwell, who co-ordinates poppy sales for the Amersham branch of the charity, said:  

"There is a strict date when you can buy a poppy and make your donation, and it has to be from October 30. It causes ill feeling among the people who go house to house selling the poppies if people are recycling them and wearing them already."

Really? People are saving their poppies from the previous year? What do the Royal British Legion have to say about this...

Monday, 25 October 2010

Ebay Timewasters

If you've used ebay, I'm sure your aware that it is awash with timewasters. In the past couple of weeks, I've had bad experiences on both the buying and selling side that although extremely annoying are not strictly against the rules of ebay and as such, there's nothing I can do about them.... apart from moan about it on here...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Would you date these men?

Four and a half minutes of hilarious cringe-tastic video dating clips from the 80s. Guess this is what life was like for these men before internet dating sites existed...

My favourite lines include:
"Hi, my name is Monroe, errr, you've probably already noticed that I have incredibly blue eyes."
"Perhaps even a nice bath with errr, some champagne and candles..."
"I'm looking for the goddess. Are you the goddess? Who is the goddess? The goddess is the woman, a woman, is any woman, is all women..."

Video below...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Violence in Video Games - Does it corrupt children?

A Confession...
I've paid for sex. I then run her over and stole her money. I've killed countless Nazi's, American troops, aliens, prostitutes and even an airport terminal full of innocent civilians. I've raced a car at over 200mph through the streets and took pleasure at knocking a competitor into an innocent motorist. I've got drunk and run over a policeman, I've also done it when high. I've broken a man's neck with my bare hands and stabbed another in the face. I watched my friends be torn apart by mutated humans and done a fair bit of tearing things apart myself.

Have I done any of that in real life? No. 
Have I any desire to do that in real life? No.
Has that first paragraph been flagged up as suspicious online activity by the automated anti terrorist systems of the CIA, MI6...etc? Probably...but that's not the point.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Public Affection Should be Kept Private

I have no doubt this blog post is going to have people calling me sad, pathetic, old fashioned, or jealous. But at the risk of contradicting my blog post in the first paragraph to prove that I am not sad and lonely... I am in a long term relationship in which I am very happy, and although sometimes I feel like I want to "squeeze her head until it pops" (and I'm sure she feels the same way!) I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ok, Ok, that's that over with, you can stop being sick now...

Nevertheless, I don't feel the urge to act like the couple in the picture in the top right...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

X-Factor viewers go mental over Gamu - Gamu Cares!?

Let me start off my saying, I don't watch the X-factor (after the intial rounds of people who think they can sing) and I don't care who is or isn't better than someone who is or isn't out. But apparently over 128,000 people have joined a facebook group set up in favour of reversing the decision of not allowing one of the singers through to the final 12. Also, hundreds of people have written to Ofcom to complain. What are ofcom supposed to do?!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Stop Cash Machine Faff

Cash machines, we all use them and we all know how to use them. Insert card, type in pin, perform task, remove card, leave. It's sort of an unspoken rule aswell, that if there is a queue, have your card ready to put in the slot, be as quick as possible and don't faff around.