Tuesday, 4 January 2011

GQ's Best Dressed Men 2011. No. 26

At first, when you scroll down the list to the right, it looks like it could be a list of the top 30 complete bell-ends in this country at the moment. (With a few exceptions). As your eyes move down, you'll see that predictably, David Beckham is 16th in the GQ Best Dressed Men of 2011. Keep going down the list and at number 26, you'll find his 8 year old son, Romeo Beckham who is 8 years old, at the age of 8 is apparently the 26th Best Dressed MAN of 2011 at only 8 years old. 8. Eight years ol.... Ok you've got it.

GQ magazine says, when it comes to fashion Romeo Beckham is “frighteningly tuned in”.

Other "experts" describing the Beckhams' second son, who last year signed a deal for his own fashion label, as "the celebrity of the future".

David Walker-Smith, professional moron, who works in menswear at Selfridges and is angling for a job at GQ by supporting their no.26 choice in the bullshit awards, also agrees. Walker-Smith told GQ: “Romeo is experimental, quirky and fun, and his style has nothing mini-me about it. It’s me-me.”

The one next to Posh Spice
Without even getting on to the moral implications of "Brand Beckham" skipping this kid's childhood and thrusting him to the young adulthood like this. How is it that someone who is dressed by their mum and has a bowl hair cut, can end up as the 26th biggest male style icon of this country? Romeo Beckham, is probably more interested in being an eight year old boy, playing computer games, picking his nose and telling girls they are smelly than he is about what style message he want's to send out.

He is a rich kid dressed in expensive clothes in an attempt to promote Brand Beckham. For GQ, it's a shameless attempt at selling magazines.

Other choice quotes from the story include:
Prince Harry, another new entry in the style rankings, beats his older brother by coming fifth, with experts crediting the fact he "looks good because he really doesn't care".

Prince William is also a new entry at 27, with US rapper Pharrell Williams endorsing the future king's style, saying: "I like it when Prince William goes dandy. He's got all the proper wardrobe when they do the hunting thing. They kill that!"