Tuesday, 30 November 2010

"I won't play my music out loud"

I'm sure those of you that travel on London public transport have seen a poster similar to the one on the left, asking you what you will do to make London's public transport a nicer place to be. I'm also sure you will have had to put up with someone breaking this particular one.

Every type of person, from any and all walks of life are guilty of this, but generally, it's either little chavs at the back of the bus listening to some generic rap on the tinny speaker of their stolen phone in an attempt to be cool. Or some pretentious suited city type on the tube, whose headphone volume is high enough for everybody on the carriage to hear what sort of musical mood they are in.

The first one, the stereotypical chav at the back of the bus, either too poor to afford head phones, too retarded to use them, or just trying in vain to be cool. Whatever the excuse, playing your music out loud on your phone is ridiculous. I've watched some of the younger culprits that do this, and some of them, it looks like that whatever they are playing out, they don't even like it, it's usually some sort of generic rap, that was created purely for the purpose of pretending you like it so that you can look cool in front of your mates. Firstly, why should we all have to listen to whatever generic crap you listen to? Secondly, one crappy tinny little speaker the size of a penny, the quality is appalling anyway! And finally, playing music through your loud speaker does not make you cool. It makes you fucking annoying. Mobile phone companies should be banned from manufacturing phones with this loudspeaker capability altogether. Headphones only. Cretins.

The next stereotype, is no doubt listening to some ludicrously loud techno-shite, whilst running through the incomprehensible scenarios in their head that they are actually not the center of the universe. Either they just don't care that their music is to loud, or they haven't worked out that, surprise surprise, listening to your music with headphones on, does not guarantee that the sound waves will only enter your ears. Especially if it's been turned up full whack. I understand that people listen to music on the tube to block out the noise of the tube, or just to keep them entertained on their commute, but again, why should we have to be subjected to the shite you are listening to? When you put your headphones on, remove them whilst still playing the music, hold them 6-8 inches from your head, if you can still hear the music, so can the person sitting/standing 6-8 inches away from you. Turn it down a bit. Cretins.


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