Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wills, Kate & The British Media

A statement has been released confirming impending marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton and we might get a day off work for it. Good. That's all I needed to know.

However, the British media has gone absolutely mental over this. Every news channel last night dedicated 95% of its program to discussing the story, it's all over the front page of every news paper, and there are already tv programs about the Wills & Kate story being advertised on the TV. Does anyone really care that much?!

Every presenter, guest, correspondent and general nobody was talking about this on the news last night, discussing whether or not it's staged, if it'll last, is she good enough for him, are they in love, is she the new Dianna, and so on... Firstly, how about, it's just two people in love and they want to get married, calm down with the media circus.

Secondly, am I the only one that finds the whole Dianna comparisons a bit wrong? From Wills giving her Dianna's ring and the media getting all excited about having a new Dianna and a new "people's princess". Even during the interview last night, the interviewer asked something along the lines of, "are you looking forwards to the opportunity to help other people like Dianna did?" If I was Kate, I'd have said, "Not really, I'm not Dianna, I'm Kate. Sure, she was a great person, but I've got my own life. It's already weird enough William wants me to wear his mums ring, let alone the media asking questions like that. It's like everyone thinks he wants to marry his mum."

Still, it appears that the monarchy and the British media have plans for Kate. She is being manoeuvred into that position by Clarence house and prodded and probed to find out if she's up to the task of becoming the new people's princess by the media. If she is destined to become the new "people's princess", how about the media calm down a bit and try not to kill this one?


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