Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Pointless Motorway Matrix Signs

Why is it the signs you see above the motorways never have anything useful on them? Always some nagging health and safety nanny state inspired message. I'd rather be informed about the huge delaying queue I'm about to join rather than be advised to "check my fuel level".

The amount of times I've been told there's a queue ahead then sailed straight through empty road, or not informed about a queue and then immediately found one. What is the point in spending what is obviously millions of pounds on a network of motorway signs that just display pointless or misleading information?!

Saw this last month..
There are many companies that monitor traffic jams for the purpose of their route finders including AA, RAC, and even Google. Perhaps one of those should work out a way of getting these signs to work properly, because the highways agency is failing miserably.

Some of my favourites are pictured below...

If they're going to be pointless,
they might aswell be entertaining...
A hacked sign in America
Other pointless or erroneous ones I've seen include:

"Don't drink and drive"
"Queue on slip-road"
"Animals on carriageway"
"Fog - Slow down"
"Use the correct child seat"


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