Thursday, 29 July 2010

RetroCret 28th May 2010 - Part 3

Good morning people. A couple of weeks after the previous blogs events unfolded, the customer service, attentiveness and intelligence hit a new low. Anyway, I'l let you get to what you came here for.
Once again, I am not making any of these stories up, they're all true...enjoy...

May 2010
EG - Edmonton Gym
C - Me

First attempt at ringing them, no answer for 2 minutes
Second attempt at ringng them, answer after 1 minute, told to call back in 5 minutes
Third attempt at ringing (5 minutes later) "We're busy at the moment, I'll give you a call in an hour"
an hour passes
no call

Fourth attempt at ringing them 1hr 15mins after being told they would call me back in an hour.
EG "Hello"
C "Hello, can I book a badminton court"
EG "errr... bear with me a minute"
C "OK"
NOW ON HOLD - music playing
2 minutes pass
EG(different person) "hello"
C "hello"
EG "can i help you?"
C "yeah, I was booking a badminton court but was put on hold by someone"
EG "oh, ok, so has that been done?"
C "no"
EG "right, when would you like?"
C "tomorrow morning at 9, and wednesday evening at 9 please"
EG "hold on hold on, one at a time. So thats friday evening at what time?"
C "no, tomorrow morning at 9 is the first one"
EG "oh, you said friday evening"
C "i don't think I did"
EG "you did, thats why I said it"
C "ok, anyway, saturday morning at 9 is the first one please"
EG "right, have you got your card number?"
C "yep, its ...."
EG "ok, thats booked, and what was the other one, friday morning?"
C "no, wednesday evening at 9"
EG "are you sure?"
C "wednesday evening at 9"
EG "ok, card number?"
C "I just gave it to you"
EG "yeah, I forgot it, so can I have it again"
C "good. its ...."
EG "right, thats booked. so just to recap, thats saturday morning at 9, and friday even... sorry, wednesday evening at 9."
C "yes"
EG "ok, they're booked then, thanks"
C "thanks"

The 3 main questions raised here, are:
1) What was going on with the phones at the start
2) Why did the first person put me on hold and then not tell anyone I was on hold?
3) What was the 2nd persons obsession with trying to book me on friday?

Anyway, I went to the Saturday morning session...surprise surprise, it wasn't booked for the Saturday morning, it was booked for Friday morning...which had already passed when I was making the call. Luckily there was a spare court.


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Tomorrow, RetroCret Part 4. (It's the best one yet.)


Chris said...

RetroCret 4 Preview.

June 2010
EG- Edmonton leisure centerrrrr, how can I help?
C- Can I book a badminton court for next Tuesday?
EG- Oh, bloody badminton again, what time?
C- 9 in the evening
EG- What date?
C- Next Tuesday
EG- That’s the day, what’s the date?

...come back tomorrow at 9am Uk time for the full post...

Katie said...

i would enjoy it if someone at the gym found out about your blog and intentionally wound you up just for fun...

Chris said...

Maybe this blog will make them up thier game, but as soon as they hear my name over the phone... "nope, no badminton courts free..ever."

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