Tuesday, 27 July 2010

RetroCret March 2010 - Part 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week I'll be blogging about the previous experiences I've had with the customer services at the gym, leading to the complaint letter I have sent head office and hopefully following that, their reply...

Anyway, this is where it all began. The first time I had a cretinous phone conversation with Edmonton Lesisure Centre was back in March. Originally posted for my friends on facebook, now its here for the world (or a very small fraction of it) to read...

March 2010
Well done Edmonton Gym for double booking my badminton court... This is how the phone conversation went....
EG - Edmonton Gym
C - Me

EG "Hello, I'm going to have to cancel your court for tonight, its been double booked"
C "What, why? I'm a member, I booked last week"
EG "Ooooh, the computer system was down..."
C "I booked last week, why am I finding this out now"
EG "Sorry, there was a computer error"
C "What, has it been down for a week?"
EG "No, just last tuesday when you booked"
C "So when did you find out?"
EG "When the system came back up"
C "What, last tuesday?"
EG "Yeah"
C "So... why am I finding this out now?"
EG "Errrr, I, errr, cos there was a computer error... I can offer you tomorrow..."
C "I'm already booked for tomorrow"
EG "Let me just check that..."
EG "What time do you say you're booked for tomorrow?"
C "9pm"
EG "We've got you down at 9am"
C "Yeah, its definately 9pm, I book everyweek at 9pm. I'm at work at 9am."
EG "Strange..."
C "Indeed, so do you have 9pm then?"
EG "Yep, would you like me to book you in?"
C "I should already be booked at 9pm, but go on then"
EG "Whats your membership number"
C "I don't have it on me"
EG "I need your membership number to place a booking"
C "Are you serious?"
EG "Yep, can't process it without one"
C "Firstly, it should already be booked, secondly, you called me to cancel a booking!?"
EG "Ok, err right, erm, I'll push it through just this time then."
C "Right. Good. 9pm then."
EG "Yes, Wednsday 9pm court 1."
C "Thanks"
EG "Court 1, you might have to wait 5 minutes while we set up, because the tai kwan do only finishes at 8.45"
C "Fantastic. Bye Now."


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Tomorrow, RetroCret Part 2


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