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RetroCret 8th June 2010 - Part 4

Morning everyone. Lazy, rude and just downright shoddy service in todays cretinous phonecall. It's a bit longer than previous posts, but stick with it, I promise you it's the best one yet... 

Firstly, as in the previous post, it took ages to get through to them, and then this is what happened next...
You'll notice this time I get a bit pissed off with them...

June 2010
EG- Edmonton leisure centerrrrr, how can I help?
C- Can I book a badminton court for next Tuesday?
EG- Oh, bloody badminton again, what time?
C- 9 in the evening
EG- What date?
C- Next Tuesday
EG- That’s the day, what’s the date?
(I glance at the calendar, add 7 days in my head)
C- 15th. Do you not have a schedule on the computer infront of you that could have told you that?
EG- Yeah, I just couldn't be bothered, I'm really busy.
C- Yeah, so am I, yet its taken me half an hour to get through to you because you never pick up the phone, and when you do I get this sort of shoddy service. I am a member, I pay a monthly subscription, therefore I contribute to your wages, and as such, if I want to call you up to book a badminton court, I don't expect it to be such a f***ing battle.

EG- Card number?
C- Did you listen to anything I just said?
EG- Yeah, we're trained not to respond to threats though.
C- Ha, trained. My card number is .....
EG- So, Tuesday 15th 9pm.
C- That’s it.
EG- That’s booked.
C- Right, can I now double check another booking I've made?
EG- Couldn't you have written it down?
C- Excuse me?
EG- Its really annoying people keep phoning up asking to book badminton, check bookings for badminton all the bloody time. You wouldn't do it for the doctors or a hospital or something.
C- You're in the wrong job then. I've been a member over a year now, and I've never had to phone up to check a booking before. And what’s more, I waited until I had to book another session so it would be convenient for you. You only had to deal with one call as apposed to 2.
EG- Oh right, I'm not having a go, its just people are always ringing us.
C- That must be a real grind, having to deal with customers all day.
EG- (not sensing the heavy sarcasm) Tell me about it.
C- Anyway, can I check that I've booked tonight and tomorrow night?
EG- Yes, you have.
C- Thanks, that didn’t take too long.
EG- No problem. As I say, I don't mean to have a go, its just people are always ringing up booking badminton courts.
C- Well yes, you have 6 badminton courts that can be booked in hour long sessions throughout the day, of course people are going to call you to book badminton courts. Maybe you should set up some sort of online booking system if you can’t handle the calls
EG- Maybe that’s something we can get the new owners to look into.
C- New owners?
EG- Yeah, this place is getting taken over in a month?
C- What? What about my membership?
EG- I'm sure it'll be alright?
C- What do you mean?
EG- Well, I'm sure they'll let people know what’s going on about prices, and membership and badminton an that.
C- This is so f***ing shoddy. If the other gyms in the area weren't as crap as yours for badminton I would have cancelled my membership a long time ago.
EG- You would still have to pay the rest of the month though.
C- I know. As I said, f***ing shoddy. I look forward to all this again when I have to book tommorrow.


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Next time, RetroCret Part 5. This time face to face with the reception staff.


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