Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Poppycock Press

According to daily arse rag newspapers the M(F)ail and Star, the BBC have been blasted for wearing their poppies too early. BBC, you're a disgrace! Here's the story headline at the Daily Mail.

According to the article, Sue Cornwell, who co-ordinates poppy sales for the Amersham branch of the charity, said:  

"There is a strict date when you can buy a poppy and make your donation, and it has to be from October 30. It causes ill feeling among the people who go house to house selling the poppies if people are recycling them and wearing them already."

Really? People are saving their poppies from the previous year? What do the Royal British Legion have to say about this...

"The BBC has done nothing wrong. What we do say to people is that when you receive your poppies – organisations, retailers, whoever – we set guidelines and say the national launch will be from 28 October, but it's really down to the individual as to when they choose to wear their poppy. We would never say they're wearing their poppy too early."

So, The Mail have found just one charity collector who is moaning about it being too early. In an attempt to justify their attention grabbing headline they have produced some faceless quotes "from messageboards":

‘It devalues Remembrance Day.’

‘The appeal period is supposed to be a short, sharp reminder to people so it gets their attention.’

Here are some other quotes from the Mail's message boards on this story:

"The fund raising for the poppy appeal goes on all year. Not just for 2 weeks when the poppies are being sold."

"How can it ever be too early to show our greatest respect for the heroes who died for this country?"

"Actually, I thought it was good for the presenters to start wearing their poppies early. It acts as a reminder to the rest of us that its that time of year again. Also, it's good to see presenters supporting this very worthy cause. If they didn't wear them at all, there would be another article of "outrage" by the DM. They can't win."

Good to see that the British public can see straight through the Daily Mail's contradictory non stories. As for the Daily Star reporting on the same story, what's that little red thing in the top left hand corner by the newspaper title?


I say, wear your poppy with pride whenever you want. Or at least put a few coppers in the collection tins when you get your change back. It's one of the few charities that I feel, deserve my money and as such, I'll be wearing a poppy, when I deem it appropriate, not the Mail.


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