Monday, 11 October 2010

Public Affection Should be Kept Private

I have no doubt this blog post is going to have people calling me sad, pathetic, old fashioned, or jealous. But at the risk of contradicting my blog post in the first paragraph to prove that I am not sad and lonely... I am in a long term relationship in which I am very happy, and although sometimes I feel like I want to "squeeze her head until it pops" (and I'm sure she feels the same way!) I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ok, Ok, that's that over with, you can stop being sick now...

Nevertheless, I don't feel the urge to act like the couple in the picture in the top right...

I'm not saying all public displays of affection (or PDAs as they are commonly known) are wrong and that we should all walk around like robots. There are certain things that are acceptable and some things that just aren't. For example, holding hands or linking arms, no problem, a sign of affection that shows you are a couple without distressing passers-by. Or a quick kiss on the cheek to say hello or goodbye, again, nothing wrong with that. A peck on the lips, is just about acceptable.

However, encounters such as the one pictured above that include limb inter-twingling, head holding, passionate snogs are not needed. Sure, you're in love, but it doesn't need to be rammed down everybody else's throats aswell as your partners. Save it for in private. I don't want to be walking along the street etc and see a couple swapping saliva by the bucket-load, or be in the park and see a couple rolling around on the grass because they appear to be testing out Ariel's latest grass stain removal claim. Even walking along with your hands in each other's back pockets is unnecessary and seems to me, a way of claiming each other as possessions that need to be held on to and shown off to the world.

To all of you that are thinking, you don't need to stare, you perv! No, I don't, but the point I am making, is that when we don't have a choice, when something like this is going on so blatantly in public, even a glimpse of a couple snogging as I am looking around is enough to be unacceptable. It's just showing off. Save it for when you're in private! And by the way, the cinema is not private, just because it is dark, does not mean you are invisible and people can't see/hear you eating each others faces instead of the film!


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