Tuesday, 5 October 2010

X-Factor viewers go mental over Gamu - Gamu Cares!?

Let me start off my saying, I don't watch the X-factor (after the intial rounds of people who think they can sing) and I don't care who is or isn't better than someone who is or isn't out. But apparently over 128,000 people have joined a facebook group set up in favour of reversing the decision of not allowing one of the singers through to the final 12. Also, hundreds of people have written to Ofcom to complain. What are ofcom supposed to do?!

Dear Ofcom, I like Gamu. In my opinion, she is better than the other three, but she didn't get through to the next round of X-factor, can you get Cheryl to change her decision?

Thats like saying...

Dear Ofcom, I was watching football at the weekend, and the team that I wanted to win, didn't win, can you get them to do the match again and let my team win?


Dear Ofcom, I bet all my life savings on a horse to win the Grand National. It was the favourite, but it fell at the first hurdle. I think this is unfair and I want the race to be run again.

To those 128,000 people. Grow up. Get over it. You're going to watch it anyway.
To the hundreds of  people that complained to ofcom. Get a life. You're going to watch it anyway aswell.
To both groups, It's all a fix anyway. Why not save yourself some money this year and not vote.

Seriously, Gamu cares, it's only a TV show...

EDIT - Apparently now Gamu and her family now face deportation due to their visa running out. So everyone calm down now. It's definateley not happening. As for people saying "poor Gamu getting deported", where's your bleeding heart for other immigrants being deported. I'm not getting into a debate about deportation or immigrants either being for or against it, but your double standards are laughable.


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