Monday, 4 October 2010

Stop Cash Machine Faff

Cash machines, we all use them and we all know how to use them. Insert card, type in pin, perform task, remove card, leave. It's sort of an unspoken rule aswell, that if there is a queue, have your card ready to put in the slot, be as quick as possible and don't faff around.

However, at a visit to a cash machine recently, I and a few other people were stuck standing in the rain waiting for one middle aged "I don't give a shit about anybody else type" man who checked the balance and withdrew money on 3 different cards, and had to phone someone for the pin number on the third card for both checking the balance and withdrawing money, as "he forgot it" again. So that's 6 "insert card, type in pin, perform task, remove card, leave" processes in one go. Except he wasn't leaving. One person in the queue behind me after the fifth use said "Hurry up mate, it's pissing it down and we're all getting soaked." To which he turned round and replied "Piss off then." Not quite understanding the concept of having to use a cash machine there. All would have been forgiven if he had turned round and apologised to those of us waiting either during or afterwards, but instead just walked off muttering something.

You should be allowed one use, and at most two. One for checking your balance if needed and one for withdrawing money. A maximum of two uses on one card. If you want more, or will be using more than one card, you are effectively a different customer and should queue up again. Obviously this will be almost impossible to enforce, so I suggest some sort of face recognition electric shock inducing system in all cash machines....


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