Sunday 5 September 2010

Slow Walking People

Slow walking people, they do my head in. Especially in London. The only time I and the majority of other Londoners ever go into the centre of London, I'm there to do something. I need to get places. Be it work, shopping or whatever, I don't want to be dodging people that are forever stopping to take pictures, a massive fat family walking side by side taking up the whole pavement, or people that stop, or change direction and speed randomly in a busy street.

Facebook has many groups dedicated to the hatred of slow walking people with members totalling into the tens of thousands, so its clearly something people feel strongly about. My solution is that all streets should work like motorways. A fast lane for people that are trying to get somewhere, a middle lane for people that need to slow down to get ready to stop, or get up to speed of the fast lane, or just want to walk at a normal pace, and a slow lane for tourists, people that want to stop for no reason and fat families that take up too much space. It a tried and tested working system on the world's roads, why can't it be introduced on pavements?! Persistent offenders should be made to wear indicators on their heads....

There was an American based prank, in which they tried to introduce a similar idea in New York. It shouldn't just be a prank, it should be law. Mr Cameron, make it so. Here's a video of it. Thanks for reading and walk fast, or keep to the slow side!


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