Monday, 27 September 2010

Ban Rush Hour Driving Lessons

Quite simply, all learner drivers should be banned from the road between 7am - 9am and 5pm - 7pm. I don't want to be stuck behind a learner driver tailback trundling along at 20mph, or have to wait for ages behind one at a junction for them to find a gap a suitable number of football pitches long to pull out in to.

It should be illegal for driving instructors to give a lesson during the hours mentioned at the top of this article. From the commuters point of view, we've got somewhere to be, and we need to get there as quickly and as 'leagally' possible. Learner drivers further clog up, clogged up roads to the point of a horn honking, steering wheel hitting, screaming fit of anger. (Me, only in extreme cases of being held up). From the learner drivers point of view, its a bit of a waste of time to be sitting in traffic for the length of their lesson, and it must be a bit nerve racking learning to drive during the rush hour?

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I was inspired to write this blog post because this morning I was waiting at a busy junction to turn right, one lane to turn right, and you've got to be quick, the lights only allow 3-4 cars through at most. I was stuck behind a learner for over 5 minutes, whilst they caused an almighty tailback by stalling 5 times at 3 green lights on this junction. One more and I had already decided I would have gotten out to tell the instructor to take over.

Just to clarify, I'm not having a go at learner drivers here, not even slow/bad/new learner drivers. Whilst they do annoy me when I get caught behind one, I accept that it's not their fault they can't drive, and that they are a necessary evil as we are all learner drivers once.

C'mon Boris, you wan't to help congestion in and around London? Forget your bike scheme, ban learner drivers during rush hours. You know it makes sense.


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