Monday, 2 August 2010

RetroCret 22nd July 2010 - Part 5

Morning people. Everyone have a good weekend? So...not over the phone this time but early one Saturday morning. Court booked for 9 - 10. Now theres usually a gym class from 10 onwards on half the courts, no big deal, badminton is usually on the other half... anyway, we turn up, walk to reception, wait in line for 5 minutes and here we pick up the story...

C - Hello, I've booked badminton for 9.
EG - You're late
C - I know, I've been in the queue for 5 minutes because theres only you working behind the desk
EG - Its not my fault your late.
C - Well its not mine. I was here a couple of minutes before 9, waited in line for 5 minutes, becasue, and I'm not saying this is your fault, its a busy saturday morning with a massive queue of people and theres only one person working the desk.
EG - We're short staffed
C - Right, so you know your short staffed, you know queues will build up and people will have to wait, yet you still have a go at people for being late after having to wait in on of these queues. While we're having this pointless conversation, the queue is getting longer and I am getting later. Can you just swipe my card so I can go through?
EG - Card please....Done, you are on court 3.
C - Good. Thanks. Bye Now.

Hmm, court 3 i think to myself, thats usually where the gym class is...So, we walk through the barriers, up the stairs, past the swimming pool, i glance at the clock, its 9.07, past the changing rooms, through the doors and into the gym where court 3 is one of 6 courts... Theres a whole lot of gymnastic equiptment on half the hall, on courts 1 to 3. I'm talking crash mats, trapezes, horizontal bars, everything. And obviously no spare space for a badminton court. Courts 4 - 6 are already taken. I walk back down stairs to reception to ask them "WTF"?

C - Erm, hello.
EG - Can you just wait, I'm serving a customer.

I wait until they finish serving that customer. She goes straight to another.

C - Excuse me. Theres gym equiptment on courts 1 to 3.
EG - Wait.
C - Erm, no, I've booked an hour of badminton starting at 9. With you messing me around its now ten past, and whats more there are no spare badminton courts. Because I suspect you have booked me on the wrong court.
EG - Ok. Let me check the system.
C - Yeah, theres a gym class at 10.

She goes back to serving a customer.

C - Whoa, whoa, what do you mean theres a gym class at 10? I'm booked for 9 to 10. Can you get some one to move it and set up a net please.
EG - The stuff needs to be set up an hour before
C - Why?
EG - So we dont have to do it at 10.
C - But surely not when people have booked a court from 9 - 10?
EG - That shouldn't have happened.
C - So why am I booked in the hour before.
EG - I dont know, someone must have booked you there.
C - Yeah, obviously. What are we going to do about it. I call earlier in the week to book a court, I drive all the way down here just to find out theres gym stuff on the court i booked and no other spare courts. Its quite annoying don't you think?
EG - I think you're being quite unreasonable. Its not my fault. whoever booked you there has messed up.
C - I appreciate that it may not be your fault, but for the past 10 minutes your attitude has been appauling. I know theres nothing you can do now, because someone else has messed up and there are now no spare courts, so all I'm looking for is an apology of some sort.
EG - Its not my fault though.
C - As an employee of the gym, you are an ambassador for them, I don't care who f****d up, I just want someone to give me some sort of explanination of what has gone on here and how we can avoid it in the future.
EG - Yeah, I'm kind of busy.
C - Call the manager then.
EG - He's busy.
C - For f**** sake. This is mental. what is the point in a booking system if none of you know how to use it.

At this point the security guard starts moving towards me. So I leave. I wasn't getting anywhere anyway.


Tomorrow, RetroCret 6. It's also in person and not over the phone. And if you're thinking after reading all these blog posts that the management should take control of the place and bring it back around to being a gym, tomorrow you'll see that the management is just as bad...


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