Thursday, 19 August 2010


What do you get when you cross badminton with basketball? Basketminton, Badsketball? No. You get a really cretinous "hour" of badminton.
First of all, when we arrived, there was nobody at reception. After shouting hello, anybody there through the glass for a couple of minutes, we had to get the security guard to go into the back to find someone. Turns out someone was there, literally on the other side of the door, just outside the line of sight from reception. So she definitely heard us, but must have thought someone else would deal with it, or we would go away.

After mumbling what I assume was an apology (or insult) at us, we are informed that we're on court 3. Off we trot. Only to find that only courts 1 and 6 have badminton, the rest of the hall is being used for women’s basketball. (hence the picture). Both 1 and 6 have people on them. Here we go again I thought. Off I go to find a member of staff.

(C - Me, EG - Edmonton Gym member of staff)

C - Hello, erm, we're supposed to have badminton on court 3 at 9. But there’s basketball being played on that court.
EG - court 3? That’s for basketball.
C - I know, but 1 and 6 are already taken.
EG - What court are you on.
C - 3
EG - Only 1 and 6 have badminton on them tonight.
C - Well the lady downstairs said we're on 3. Can you phone down to reception and see what’s going on please.
EG - I'm meant to stay here.
C (I point to a staff phone on a desk nearby) Can you use that phone to phone down to reception to find out what court I'm supposed to be on.
EG - There's nobody down there because I'm up here.
C - Well, there is. She told me I was on court 3. Can you get access to the booking system from here (I point to a nearby computer)
EG - No. Who told you, you were on 3?
C - I don't know her name, but the lady on reception downstairs.
EG - Hmm.
C - Shall I go down there and ask her to sort it?
EG - No, just go onto the courts and tell the people playing badminton that you're on at 9.
C - Well, we've had this before where people get double booked and we're left to work it out for ourselves. I just want to make sure that hasn't happened before I tell people to get off a court.
EG - I'm sure you're not double booked, just go on to the courts and find out.

Bored of that conversation, I leave and go back to the hall. Turns out the people on court 1 had finished at 9, and were just chancing their arm that nobody else would turn up. But why, when I was booked on court 1, did the lady downstairs tell me I was on 3. And why when I tried to have this checked, did the other member of staff seem so against checking that out for me?

Hold on...maybe I imagined the lady downstairs giving me incorrect information. Maybe Edmonton gym has driven me crazy and my mind just makes up cretinous members of staff to wind me up. Who knows.



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