Friday, 13 August 2010

Cretinous Service at Wilkinsons

Morning everyone, it's Friday (obviously) which is good news. Today’s blog post is brought to you courtesy of the high street home improvement chain Wilkinsons, or wilkos as some people call it. Anyway yesterday lunch time, I went in there to buy a photo frame, some string, a monster energy drink, and some toothpaste, once I got to the tills, everything was scanned, this happened....

C - Me, W - Wilkinsons Staff Member

W - That'll be x pounds and x pence please
C - Thanks, there you go. (Hand her my card)
W - Thanks.
(All good so far)
C - Can I have a bag for this lot please?
W - Do you really need one?
C - Yes please
W - Its just we've been told to stop giving out as many bags to help the environment
C - Oh ok, well, I just need one.
W - Are you sure? You carried everything over here fine without a basket or bag.
C - Yes I'm sure, I can't leave the shop holding all this in my hands, I'll look like I've nicked it, and I need to go to another shop to buy stuff, so I will need a hand free.
W - Can't you get a bag from that shop then?
C - No. I can't just walk into another shop and say, can I have a bag, Wilkinsons is trying to save the environment by making me carry my purchases in my hands and so wouldn’t give me a bag.
W - You could if you bought something in there
C - Look, do you charge for your plastic bags? Do I need to give you 10p or something?
W - No, they're free.
C - Then why can't I have one?
W - Because of the environment.
C - Do you have this conversation with every customer?
w - Only the ones who haven't bought much
C - Well, I have bought enough that I have deemed that I will need a bag to carry it in. So can I have a plastic bag?
"NOM NOM NOM" - Silly turtle!
W - Ok, here you go.
(Hands me plastic bag)
C - Thanks. You've let the turtles down there.
W - What do you mean?
C - Just a joke... Apparently turtles try and eat plastic bags thinking they're jellyfish and they choke.
W - Well, don't go feeding that bag to turtles (deadly serious)
C - Sure, I'll try not to....

Obviously this member of staff had just been in some sort of staff briefing about how the company is trying to save the environment and cut down on expenditure, and she's taken it as her personal mission to cut plastic bag usage in Wilkinsons stores across the UK...
Anyway, have a good weekend everyone, I'm off to choke some turtles with plastic bags...


dommy said...

I know we need to protect the environment and people should reuse and dispose their bags properly but if you need a bag then you should be given one especially since you are giving the store your money.

Another thing that happens; I have a trolley / basket full of items and I clearly am not carrying any bags and the cashier asks if I want a bag???? hmmm I am going to carry all this stuff around town by hand.

Chris said...

Yeah, exactly my thinking! I've had a similar conversation with these people saying that because I already had a shoulder bag, I didn't need a plastic one. Even though I told them my bag wouldn't fit the stuff in as it was already full, they still argued with me over it!

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