Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fun With Papa Johns Pizza - The Reply

Morning, just a quick update.
Following this blog post about a new customers offer that couldn't be claimed by some new customers at papa johns, I posted the link to the blog on Papa Johns UK twitter and facebook pages. I got this reply:

Papa John's UK  - Hi Chris. Well they have been passed on to the Marketing Dept, as I belong to it :) The answers are true in that we did originally set up the offer by e-mail address, but there was a huge amount of abuse with people setting up multiple e-mail addresses, and I mean huge, and so we did have to move to per address monitoring, which is what is currently in place. You do make a fair suggestion though and I will personally look into whether we can get that set up.

See, thats all it takes. One member of staff to show that they actually care. Even if they don't care, or agree with what I'm saying, it's a much better way of dealing with it than bombarding me with offers I clearly am not interested in! Good stuff.
Edmonton Leisure Centre - (Work in progress)
Papa Johns Pizza - Tick

Right, who's next....


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