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RetroCret 28th July 2010 - Part 6

Dear Edmonton Leisure Centre...
This happened 6 days after the last blog post events, again it was in person at the gym. This time, the manager gets involved half way through. Good you'd think, someone to restore a bit of order to the situation...
not so...not...so...

For once, no problem with the receptionist, at first. There was no queue, she took my card and swiped it and they duly informed me that I was on court 4. So off we trot to court 4. Upon arrival at court 4, surprise surprise, theres no net set up. The time is 8:55, so I go and find the nearest member of staff, explain that theres no net and ask them if they can set one up. The tell me that they will inform reception and get them to get someone to do it. Good.

5 minutes pass, nobody arrives to set up the net, and there has been no tannoy announcement to get a member of staff to go to court 4 to set up a net. So, I go back down to reception and here we pick up the story...

C- Erm, hello, I asked someone a couple of minutes ago if they could set up a net on court 4 for us. As there is no net on court 4.
EG- Oh right, they didnt tell us.
C- Can you get someone to set up a net on court 4 then please?
EG- What court are you supposed to be on?
C- 4
EG- Says here your supposed to be on 6.
C- When I walked in you told me I was on court 4.
EG- I meant 6.
C- Well, theres people already on 6.
EG- Tell them to go to 4. you are on 6.
C- Even if they agree to move, which they wont. You will still have to set up a net for them on court 4.
EG- Ok, let me call the manager to sort this out.

[Tannoy annoucement for duty manager]

By the time he arrives its approx 9:05
DM = Duty Manager

I explain the problem to him, he tells me I'm on court 6, I go through with him again the problems surrounding moving to court 6 and all that. So his solution is, instead of setting up a net on court 4, to announce over the tannoy who should be on what court. He still doesn't understand that even if people move around, someone will still need a net for court 4. As he is announcing the names over the tannoy, I go back up to the badminton hall. Turns out all anybody heard was the following:

"This is a customer announcement, please be aware that the following people should be on the following courts..."

Obviously nobody has moved, as he had let go of the push to talk button when making the pointless announcement. And even if he had made the annoucement, theres no way a hall full of people in the middle of their games will move around, especially anyone being asked to go to court 4. So, once again I go back down to reception.

C- Look mate, nobody heard that announcement, and nobodys going to move even if they did. And even if they did, someone is still going to end up on court 4 and need a net setting up. I asked someone at 5 to 9, to set up a net as there wasn't a net on the court we had booked. This happens all the time. Its now ten past 9. Its taken 15 minutes and nothing has happened. So, can you please get someone to come to court 4 and set up a net.
DM- The booking system is telling me that only 5 courts are booked and that court 6 is free. you can go there.
C- And I'm telling you again, as I have been up there, that all courts are taken, and there are people already on court 6.
DM- Well, somebody shouldnt be there.
C- I don't care mate, I dont want to stand here why you sort out who should and shouldn't be there, I'm a member, I phoned up and booked a court at 9. Its now ten past 9, can you just get someone to set up a net and deal with the booking system later?
DM- Have you got your receipt?
C- I just told you, I'm a member and I booked over the phone. I don't have a receipt.
DM- I'm just trying to work out where you should be.
C- It doesnt matter now does it?! I come in I get told court 4. Theres no net there, I get told to go to 6. Theres people there already. All other courts are taken, just get a net on 4 and this will be solved wont it.
DM- Alright mate, I'm just trying to help.
C- Ok, whatever, can you get someone to set up a net on court 4.
DM- Ok.

Another example of bad management...
[announces on tannoy for a member of staff to go to court 4]

DM- Done. someone will be up in a minute.
C- Thanks. Mate, I don't like getting angry about this with you, but this always happens. Either we are booked on the wrong court, theres no net, or we are double booked, or not even booked at all. Something always goes wrong. What is the point in having a booking system if nobody knows how to use it?
DM- I can't answer that. You go play badminton and we'll talk about it after.
C- Ok, fair enough. Thanks.

Back to court 4 I go. Net is finally set up at 9:18. A full 23 minutes after I first asked for someone to set up a net. Realising their error, they let us play until 10:15. When going downstairs to speak to the manager afterwards, he's not there. Now we introduce another employee.
SG= Security Guard

C- Alright mate, do you know where the manager is? He said he would have a word with me about what happened this evening.
SG- Yeah, hes not around.
C- Where is he? Is he coming back?
SG- He's in the basement.
C- Can you call him?
SG- He said he doesn't want to talk to you.
C- What?
SG- He said he didnt want to talk to you about the booking system.
C- Fantastic.

Realising there was no point in arguing with the security guard, as he has nothing to do with anything I ask him to inform the duty manager and his staff that they are a shambles and that I will be contacting the head office. Who knows wether he told him or not. But I sent head office quite possibly the best complaint letter ever written. That's the next blog post. Who knows what the outcome of that could be.... I suspect Cretinous Gym 7.

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