Thursday, 5 August 2010

Fusion Leisure Head Office Reply

Morning people. So, this is what I got in response to the complaint email I sent to the head office of Edmonton Leisure Center. I've removed the name, just in case they get the hump and force me to take it down. You can either read the emails in the italic fonts or click on the images to enlarge them and read the images.

Hello and thank you for the email.
I am in meetings this afternoon, Monday 26th July.
I will be picking up emails but I may be delayed in responding to you.
If your request is urgent please contact the Marketing department on 020 7740 7500.
Alternatively, I will deal with your request upon my return.
Thank you

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ok, I thought, an out of office, typical. Their website said it takes 24 hours to respond to a query, this guy is out of the office, so, I'll give it a day or two more before I chase this up. In the end, I sent another email on the 2nd August.

Dear Mr M,
I appreciate that it might not be you that usually deals with these sorts of emails, but could you make sure it is forwarded to the correct person, as I sent the message below on the 26th july via the contact us page on your website, where it says a reply is usally expected within 24 hours. I have only got an out of office from yourself so far. A copy of my original message is below.

A couple of minutes passed, and then I got this back.

Another out of office. Brilliant. As per this one I waited until he returned on the 3rd, and then out of the kindness of my own heart, gave him the 24 hours to respond again!
So now its the 4th August, surprise surprise, still no reply. Once again, I chase it up with this:

Dear Mr M

I originally sent you an email on the 26th July via the contact us form on your website. It states "We will endeavour to respond to your query within 24 hours". My original contact was replied to with an out of office. So I waited for a bit and sent it again this Monday 2nd August. It was again met with an out of office email. Please could you review my emails, or let me know if any progress has been made in replying to them.


Not much time passed, before I got the following reply:

Good morning
I have sent your previous emails over to the Divisional Business Manager and to the centre manager for Edmonton.
As we have recently begun the management of Enfield Leisure Centres we are still bedding in our procedures and policies, plus there have been several people on annual leave that would normally be able to pick this enquiry up a lot quicker than what you have experienced. 

I must apologise for the delay in getting a response to you and I have spoken to the centre and Divisional Business Manager again and asked them to respond as soon as possible as it is unacceptable that your first contact was on the 26th and you are still waiting for a response.

I will keep on asking for a suitable response for you and I hope this matter is resolved as soon as possible.
Kind regards

So. Now we wait. Is he passing the buck, or am I getting somewhere? Only time, and tomorrow's blog post will tell...


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