Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Inside The Cretinous Gym - Customer Feedback

Morning people. It's been a while since you've had anything from the cretinous gym, don't worry, things are still happening and they will be documented soon.

For today's blog post, we have a picture taken inside the gym. Taken sneakily after a badminton session, this is a picture of the customer feedback box. (You can click on the picture for a larger version of the image)

You'll notice in this picture that there is a post box for you to post the forms into, that’s the black thing in middle of the picture... it was empty. Surprising you might think, given the level of cretinous behavior that occurs. But there’s a simple explanation to this, the clear plastic holder on the left is where the feedback forms are supposed to be kept. There are none. You'll notice just below the black box there is one solitary form sitting on the radiator, upon closer inspection, it was just covered in swear words. Probably written by a child, but just as likely a gym-goer, so overcome with rage that all they could do was scrawl down some random swear words on the nearest bit of paper. I regret not picking it up and taking it with me now. If its still there when I go back later this week I'll pick it up and scan it for your enjoyment.

More updates later this week!



Christine said...

meanwhile look at all the certificates they have on the wall - probably those 'investors in people' and other meaningless awards.

Chris said...

@Christine, the one bottom left is an example of the front of the feedback form. The one bottom right is the back of the feedback form. If they had some in the holder, those would be unecessary. The one top left, says something about the sports hall being checked regularly, for what, I don't know, perhaps testicular cancer. The one on the top right talks about the new ownership. Investors in people I very much doubt!

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