Thursday, 26 August 2010

Driving on the Phone - No excuses, No exceptions

It's a well known fact that using your mobile phone whilst driving affects your concentration and automatically means you are a knob. Even though it's illegal, people still do it. I've lost count the amount of times I've been cut up someone who is not concentrating, or I've had to slam the brakes on to avoid someone who has pulled out on me, because they are on the phone. When such a thing happens, I'm not the sort of driver who lets things like that go. I usually gesticulate wildly in the general direction of the offender. One of which occasion occurred the other day and led to this blog post...

Coming along the M25 in the fast lane, about 200m ahead of me I see a 4x4 (don't get me started) in the middle lane behind a lorry. There is nobody in between me and this other car in either lane. The 4x4 signals right, to indicate that they are going to move into the fast lane and go round the lorry. Fair enough, more than enough space to do that. Now about 150m away, the signal is turned off, fair enough I thought, they changed their mind.  I'm doing approx 70(ish) in the fast lane, and they are stuck behind a lorry, so are doing approx 50-60mph, and about 10m away from them, they decide to pull out without signalling, I was forced to slam the brakes on, the person behind me had to swerve two lanes to the left to avoid me and the lorry and a nasty crash was narrowly avoided. I'm now behind this 4x4 overtaking the lorry, honking the horn and flashing my lights, in an attempt to get the driver to realise they are a twat. As we pass the lorry, they pull back to the middle lane, I pull along side and honk the horn and raise my hands in a "what the f*** was that" kinda gesture. The lady looks across on her mobile phone, looks down her nose at me and takes her remaining hand off the wheel to give me the finger. At that point I was weighing up the pros and cons of ramming her off the road. Obviously I didn't, but the thought did cross my mind.

And that I believe sums up people who drive on their phones, arrogant people who have no regard for other drivers. If you drive on your mobile phone, talking or texting, stop it. Stop it now. Or I may ram you off the road.

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Gail said...

I wish the rozzers would have a purge on it. If hundreds of people had to line up outside the magistrates court it might make people think twice about it.

Chris said...

Exactly. The punishments are just not harsh enough. As people still take the risk thinking that either they're immune from the law, or they just don't care about the consequences. If it's illegal, try harder to stop people doing it!


Some IDIOT pulled out of a parking space during my driving lesson yesterday, not paying a blind bit of notice to my presence - Oh, that's because they were on the phone! ARGH! How am I supposed to learn with these people on the roads?!

Chris said...

you haven't even passed yet and are already moaning about crap drivers! you just wait until you do have your licence and have to put up with cretinous behaviour on the roads every day!

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