Monday, 6 September 2010

Bob Crow and the RMT - Get back to work!

Hi! I'm Bob Crow, I earn over £124k p.a and I'm here to fuck your day up!
This is Bob Crow. Leader of the RMT Union. The odious little shite that is causing so much grief for Londoners right now.

London is in the middle of yet another tube strike called for by Crow and his Crow-nies. This time he is asking for assurances that some 800 jobs won't be cut. The response was that 800 jobs wouldn't be cut compulsorily. Bob Crow, who seems not to understand the art of peaceful negotiation told them to shove it and here we are.

Previous Crow-ny strike action:
Back in 2003, Bob Crow wanted assurances over future job security and pensions. This was given to him in writing by Ken Livingstone, but the strike went ahead anyway, once again crippling London. But from Mr Crow's perspective, the strike was necessary to get the extra reassurance his members needed.

In 2004 at another RMT walkout, Mr Crow was resolutely unapologetic.
"I'm not one of those union officials who continually say they regret the inconvenience caused by industrial action," he said. "You cannot have a dispute without inconvenience to the travelling public."

Does he not realise that strike action does not work without the support of the public? Kind of stupid to be telling them you don’t care you’re inconveniencing their lives?!

Last year, when the country was deep in the middle of a recession. Bob Crow again took the decision to strike over job security and pay rises. Even though he was offered a deal that included pay rises in the middle of a recession, they went ahead with the strike anyway. The irony being that the strike would inevitably cost thousands of  other people their jobs, as small and medium companies lost productivity for the duration of the strike.

This time, Crow is once again threatening a series of strikes over job security. It is unbelievable that this man has the power to squeeze London by the balls. It is so unbelievably selfish that the minority can threaten the majority like this.
Transport is crucial to everyone. If it stops, not only is it massively inconvenient, its dangerous, millions of people trying to cram into buses, or cars or taxis. London’s roads become gridlocked, and emergency services struggle to get to emergencies. Just imagine him pulling this during the olympics. It'll be a nightmare and we'll be a laughing stock.

Even if you don’t commute using the tubes, if you live in London, you’ll be affected by commuters using different routes.

Unused tube trains
So, to the RMT and Bob Crow, everybody who loses their job today because their company can no longer afford them, its your fault. Every man woman and child that is involved in a road accident due to overcrowding of the roads, whether they live or die, it’s on you. Every child that has to walk to school instead of getting the tube, is being put at risk, because of you. The list goes on.

Sack the drivers, automate the tube network and use the save money to appease the remaining communists.

Or, get back to work you selfish arseholes.


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