Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I've been lard off...

I often browse the Sun newspaper, as its a goldmine of cretinous things. I saw this story in the newspaper today:

A 30-STONE factory worker has been laid off - in case he falls on his pals and CRUSHES them.

Tubby Barry Fowers had to climb on platforms despite being prone to blackouts.

But he was considered a danger to himself and others and took an offer of redundancy at his job making power equipment.

Despite his list of ailments, Barry, of Burton on Trent, Staffs, has been refused incapacity benefit after leaving his job at Crestchic. He gets £21.65-a-week Jobseeker's Allowance.

The angry dad of one said: "I've paid tax for 34 years and should get something in return."

Wife Shirley said: "We want this payment changed."

So, to summarise, a man who gets fat, through no fault of the tax payer, is too fat to do his job, SAYS YES to the offer of redundancy, and wants incapacity benefit now that he's not working, because he has paid tax for 34 years and should get something in return?! Something in return for being fat and voluntarily not working? How about the fact that that by paying tax and being a citzen of this country, the government has already ensured that he was fed, clothed, educated, sheltered, given him job seekers allowance to allow him to seek a job, and given him free NHS health care for when his over active mouth lands him up in hospital with obesity related illnesses?! Too bloody right it was refused! And what's his wife on about "We want this payment changed"?! To what?! A gym membership? Actually... not a bad idea love.


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