Thursday, 9 September 2010

Inconsiderate Parking

I drive to work, so inconsiderate parking really affects me as I struggle to find a parking space in our world of ever decreasing parking spaces. I've got a few pictures of the main examples that annoy me.

The first one (right), the silver VW parked up in a bay on the side of the road. Not only a mile away from the kerb, but smack bang in the middle of a parking space big enough for two cars. Idiot. Either pull forward or backwards to the bumper of the next car and you free up a bit of space for somebody else. Whether its because they can't be bothered, or they just want to be able to drive out of the space nice and easily, it's irritating. It should be made law that we are allowed to smash the window, take the handbrake off and push the car out of the way.

The next one. Lazy bay parking. (left) Clearly they've reversed in, couldn't be bothered to pull forward again and straighten it up. It doesn't matter if the car park is full or empty, it's arrogant to think that the rules of the car park don't apply to you. If you can't bay park to a half decent quality, you shouldn't be allowed to park in car parks and at the very least, get a ticket each and every time you do it.  Especially in this picture, there are enough spaces to pick one and drive it in.

The last example, (right) somebody who has parked half on the kerb, half in the road and a bit over somebody's drive. This just sums up the arrogance of some people who just don't care about anybody else or the rules of the road. This car should be towed and impounded and if a massive fine is not paid, crushed.

Why is it some people think that they don't have to park properly or find a proper parking space like the majority of us manage to do on a daily basis?! Merciless tickets, fines, crushings and rescinded driving licenses are needed to combat this. In an ideal world, this would be the case and we could rid the roads of these idiots!


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