Thursday, 2 September 2010

Me vs Petrol Jumpers

You're probably wondering what a Petrol Jumper is?
You've all seen them, you are waiting in line at your local tescos metro/extra, or any other petrol station and shop establishment, having just filled up your car. Whether you have bought something in the shop aswell as your petrol or not. And some self important looking person comes in, walks straight up to the till and says, "I'm just paying for petrol" and automatically assumes that this gives him/her the right to jump the queue. Well, this happened this morning to me, and well, anyone who's seen me in the morning, knows I'm not a morning person, so I had to challenge them. This is the conversation that followed:

PJ - Petrol Jumper
T - Tesco Cashier
C- Me

4x4 owning lady comes strolling in to the store in a huff and walks straight up to an empty till and says unto the cashier....
PJ - "Yeah, I'm just paying for pump number 4"
T - "You have to queue up" (points to the queue of 4 people)
PJ - "Why? I'm just paying for petrol, so can I just leave the money here and you deal with it"

The Tesco employee looks around confused, so I chime in. (I'm next in line by the way, this person has just pushed infront of me)

C - "There's a queue here"
PJ - "So?"
C - "Get to the back of it"
PJ - "I'm just paying for petrol"
C - "So am I"
PJ - "I'm in a hurry though"
C - "It's 8 in the morning, everybody is in a hurry."
PJ - "But I'm gonna be late for work!"
C - "I don't care, that's not my problem. Why should I have to wait longer just because you can't be bothered to queue up? If you needed petrol you should have done it last night if you were worried about being late. I hate queuing up for things as much as everybody else hates queuing up for things, but we (gesture to people behind me) understand the concept of a queue and just deal with it. Now get to the back of the line."

PJ scoffs at me and turns back to the tescos cashier, who refuses to take the money and tells her to go to the back of the line. At this point the PJ looks round the place and has the look on her face of someone who has just experienced the greatest injustice ever experienced by mankind, huffs and stomps to the back of the line.

I got a little round of applause from the other 3 people in the queue and forward I stepped to pay for my petrol. On the way out the Petrol Jumper was scowling at me. So I gave her a cheeky little wink and a smile as if to say, "Don't try that again bitch."

One more thing, I've installed a new and improved comment system which will be in effect for each blog post from now on. It allows you to give thumbs up or down to each comment, to reply directly to another commenter, and even the option to subscribe to email alerts if someone posts another comment, or comments on your comment. It should also remember your details once you put them in once. Or you can just comment as a guest and not login.  Well, that's the theory anyway. Let me know if you find it easier, harder, better, worse, or if you just couldn't care less!

Thanks for reading.


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