Friday, 10 September 2010

Something UN-cretinous For the Weekend

***Good Mood Begin!***
Voucher code websites. If you aren't using them yet, you should be. Most online companies or highstreet restuarants have some sort of voucher deal being run at any one time. I always check the web for vouchers before I buy something or make a hotel booking or go out for a meal or whatever. Just recently I got 25% off a hotel booking, 15% off a computer game and (effectivley) two pizzas for one at Pizza Express.

There are plenty of voucher code websites out there to use, but I find VoucherHub to be the best one, as people can vote on each discount code, so you don't get some cretin wasting your time by posting things for 99% off, because people will just vote it down once they realise it doesn't work. Just bookmark the site, and before you make a purchase online, go visit voucher hub and see if there is a voucher code for that particular online retailer. Simple!

Anyway, enough waffle, go here, get a pizza voucher, get down to pizza express weekend and treat yourself.
***Good Mood End!***


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