Friday, 10 September 2010

Term Time Traffic

I miss the school summer holidays. No, I'm not talking about when I was younger. I'm talking about last week. Last week, during rush hour, the roads were relatively empty during the commute to work...
No queuing at junctions and roundabouts, no queues on the motorways. For those 6 weeks, driving to work is bliss. But then, apparently kids need educating, so school resumes, and the roads are clogged up with parents driving their kids to school and the parents that have taken the holidays off and are back to work. The endless queues resume and a minimum of 15 minutes of pure tedium are instantly added to my journey.

Today was alright. It's the Muslim festival of Eid today, and as I live in the culturally diverse city of London, lots of schools have a day off. Good times. Only two weeks until half term and quiet roads again. Bring it on. Have a uncretinous weekend people!


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