Wednesday, 28 July 2010

RetroCret 21st April 2010 - Part 2

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone,
In April apparently not even Edmonton Leisure Centre was safe from the Icelandic volcano. Again, they decided to cancel a badminton court that I booked a week in advance, on the day, leaving me no chance of re-booking it somewhere else, the following is a transcript of that conversation. Enjoy!

April 2010
EG - Edmonton Gym
C - Me

eg- "Hello, I'm going to have to cancel your court for tonight, we're short staffed"
c - "How does that affect my booking?
eg - "We don't have enough staff to set up your badminton court"
c-"It takes one person 5 minutes to set up a badminton court"
eg-"But we don't have any spare staff to do that"
c - "how long have you been short staffed?"
eg- "since the volcano"
c- "I played there last night, were you short staffed last night?"
eg- "We must have been"
c- "So what's different tonight?"
eg- "I don't know, we just don't have anyone to set up the court for you"
c- "What if I do it myself?"
eg- "Sorry, we'd have to get someone to escort you to the storage cupboards"
c- "Its ok, I know where they are already"
eg- "Yeah, but stuff might go missing"
c- "are you saying I would steal a badminton net?"
eg-" no but its happened before"
c-"firstly, I'm a member, so it would be easily traced, secondly, i think someone would notice if I tried to carry net poles out the front door"
eg-"well, as I say, its going to have to be cancelled, theres nothing we can do"
c-"this is the second time in 3 weeks you have called me on the day of my booking to cancel my court, leaving me no time to book one elsewhere, if I get a call like this again, i'll be to cancelling my membership aswell"

...slam (except not slam as they called my mobile... more of an angry red button press)


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Tomorrow, RetroCret Part 3


Katie said...

i think you should try stealing the net poles...
they probably wouldn't notice

Chris said...

Good idea. They're usually to busy gossiping on reception to notice that theres loads of kids wandering in free under the barriers, so they prob wont notice me nicking a couple of badminton poles...

Richard Tubb said...

Presumably you have to force yourself to laugh, for fear of crying in desperation?

Loving the blog posts! I suspect they'll provide you with enough material to keep 'em coming! :-)

Chris said...

Hi Richard, Yeah, there is alot of that. I don't think there would be much point in putting up with it if it wasn't for the fact that once I've calmed down and looked back on it, its actually funny how bad they are!

And yeah, there is plenty more material on its way!

William Linard said...

Lol, the posts get better and better!

Chris said...

Will, Stupidity really takes hold in tomorrow's retro cret post!

Kate Cooper said...

The words life and short spring to mind.

Chris said...

Exactly Kate, rather than getting angry and worked up about it, I thought it better to turn it into a blog so something positive comes out of their incompetence!

Lynn said...

will you be extending your membership?

Chris said...

We'll see, theres a couple more blog posts from the past to come. Then I sent them an amazing complaint letter, which will be posted here...and then hopefully their reply to said letter...

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